Wednesday, January 13, 2010

old baker farm

so now that duke has begun kindergarten, the time came for his first field trip. luckily, i am a kindergarten teacher at his school, so i got to be in on the decision of where we would go this year. we narrowed it down to two ideas and gave duke the choice~ the pumpkin patch or the christmas tree farm. duke chose the pumpkin patch and what a good choice it was.

nina came along to chaperone him with his class, although i was there. it was nice because i got to take pics of them and nina took pics of him. we stopped first to see the calfs get fed. i volunteered to feed one..... how sweet!

once we left there, it was on to the hayride to the pumpkin patch. it was muddy and there were large mud puddles, but of course the tractors plowed right through.

duke chose a pumpkin for himself and then he also chose one for molly. how sweet!

lunch time was up in the hayloft, which was really neat.

we finished up with a walk through the petting zoo and by gathering some cotton from the cotton field. old baker farm was really nice and i was glad to take the kindergarten classes there. chad, I, dot and mic have been taking the kids there since duke's first fall. it is a really nice farm and we always enjoy it!

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