Thursday, July 29, 2010

sUmMeR with nana and pops..

(Thumbs up to living at Nana and Pops' )

So since we sold our house and the new one is being built... we are living with Nana and Pops!
It has been great and of course the kids are super excited and loving it! I'm actually a bit worried about how Duke is going to take moving out and into the new house.

He has grown to love the stories Pop's tells every night before bed, swimming in the pool most every day, and sharing a room with Molly.

(she actually swam in her hollywood glasses)

(I called them Smackle tooth and Hollywood that day. (: )

We really appreciate that Nana and Pops have allowed us to live with them for 3 months. I sometimes feel like we are a tornado in their house, but they never seem to be bothered by us.... and I know that's hard. It's hard for any two households to combine but as I said, It's been great!

Jumping in together.

Molly learned to swim without her floaties and under water this summer!

Duke taught himself how to do a back flip off the side of the pool!

Thank goodness we will have a pool at the new clubhouse....

they've really gotten used to swimming often!

Thanks Nana and Pops!


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Jessica said...

Great pictures!
Looks like a fun summer...I know it will be hard for the kids to leave Nana and Pops, but they are making such wonderful memories =)