Tuesday, November 2, 2010

LiTtLE mOnSteR mAsH.....

We had our First Annual Little Monster Mash this year!
It was hosted by Duke, Molly, and baby Jack Rush (aka... me and torie) :)
The kids invited a few of thier best friends over to enjoy some halloween treats and some monster mashing!


We went ALL out!

We had a food table complete with a place setting for each little monster.
We made cake pops, cupcakes, ghostly pretzel rods, pumpkin marshmallows (thanks Crystal), mummy dogs (by Kelly, and several other super cute snacks!!

We made a bucket of goodies for each of the kids to take home as well!

We made a Halloween themed music CD for the kids to jam to, and that they did!

They ate and ate and ate some more with a little dancing in between.

And then we bobbed for apples. This was a first for most of them!

All in all.... it seemed like the kids really enjoyed themselves!
Duke thanked me during the party and wanted to know if this was ALL for them.

It made me feel good to surprise them and their friends.

Torie and I think it was a definite success and will probably begin
planning the 2nd Annual Little Monster Mash shortly! Ha!

Thank you Kelly and Crystal for bringing your little monsters over
and for your help with the food!



Nancy said...

CUTE as can be. How on earth do you make cake pops? Your tables looked amazing! You & Torie are so gifted!!!

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness!
That looked like such a FUN party! And your decor looked INCREDIBLE!!!