Tuesday, March 16, 2010

LaZy DaYs....

Our Spring break officially started yesterday and we have done
AbSOluTelY nOThInG!

I intended for Spring Break to be that way, but after two days of it.... I think I need to get out tomorrow. I rented G-Force for the kids and we watched it last night and they begged to watch it AGAIN tonight.

Not really in the mood for that, but oh well. We did.

They both stripped to their underwear (they won't sleep in pj's!) and each grabbed the personal blanket's and pillows and piled up in the living room floor.

On another note..... Duke lost his 3RD tooth today! He was sooo excited because it has been bothering him pretty good. Hope the tooth fairy remebers to come tonight! Better yet... I hope she has some dollars! She paid $10 for the 1st tooth, but the rest only get a couple of dollars! I imagine the front two aren't too far behind!
He said today, "Momma, now I'm really a snackle tooth." Ha!

That's one of those sweet things that my kids say that Chad and I choose not to fix just yet! So what if he walks around school calling his friends "snackle tooth!" LOVE!

Molly's is "pantycakes" for pancakes. I just love it too much to change it.


Jessica said...

I just love lazy days! =) And with this yucky weather what else is there to do???

Love all the sayings...too cute!

oh and be sure to check out my blog =)

Jodi Mitchell said...

I have been lazy too this week! I am glad I'm not the only one!