Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Check it out.....

Look at that hot man on tv! I wonder if I might have a chance with him! HA!

Ok... so it is my husband.... and I am sooo lucky be HAVING my chance with him!
Chad used to be on the local television station regularly for the sports segment, but in the last few years he only fills in when they need him. He filled in last night and tonight!

The kids think it is sooo neat to see daddy on tv and of course, so do I! :) Who wouldn't.....!
It's funny though, because when they see him, they yell his name like he can hear them.

Tonight, as he was on, I took pics so that the kids would see it later down the road, if he isn't doing it anymore. They stood in front of one of the tv's watching and yelling!
We love you Daddy!
And, I love you too and am so proud of you!


Jodi Mitchell said...

Crystal...I remember him doing this! I did not realize that this was YOUR Chad! That is too funny! You have a celebrity husband!

Nancy said...

How neat! They look cute watching their Daddy!! And I can't wait to see your new blog makeover! Congrats!!!