Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring has sPrUnG.....

and with it comes the hectic Tee ball season!

As hectic as it is.... we LOVE it! Duke is doing really well this year (his 2nd year) just as we knew he would. Molly, bless her, just hangs out with us at the field and runs around during the game, entertaining herself.

Duke is playing on average, 3 games per week, so although it is great fun, it is also exhausting!

(on 1st with Dad as the 1st base coach)

I am also learning a lot about parents and their terrible behavior at the ball field. The way some of these people behave blows my mind. The Mama Bear in me has definately come out! I'm thinking, these kids are 6 years old and they are still learning what is even going on out on the field. They are precious and they try just as hard as they can!

Duke has worked really hard at practice and we are so proud of the improvements he has made.
This season he started out playing 1st base and although he did well,

the coach's (chad being one of them) have made some changes and now
Duke will be playing pitcher! He is super excited about that!

These guys are the sweetest little team! Duke is already making new friends and talking about how proud he is of his team mates.

I love that Chad has taught him so much about being a team player.... it really shows.

He is striving to do his very best and smiles soooo big when he makes a good play. He wants to make us proud and looks at our every expression to see what we are thinking.

Duke baby,
Mom and Dad love you very much and we are so proud of the boy you are! You are so full of energy, compassion, and love! You strive to please everyone, especially your daddy and you are one of the most thoughtful little people we know. Always remember to do your very best and we know God has awesome plans for you! We love you more than you will ever know! Stay sweet.
Mom and Dad


Jodi said...

Go Duke!!!

Jessica said...

Love all the pictures!!!

We are enjoying t ball this year...its busy but oh so fun =)