Monday, October 18, 2010

hApPy fAll y'ALL!

Every year since Duke's first fall (he is six now) we have gone to
Old Baker Farm in October for the pumpkin patch!
The farm has way more than the pumpkin patch though.
There is a giant corn maze, a cotton field, horse rides, a hay maze, a huge haystack that the kids can climb on, a petting zoo, a hayride to the pumpkin patch,
and if you choose to go on the festival weekend, you can see an old gun show and real Indians!
Duke and Molly truly enjoy our visit to the farm each year.
We visited the farm on Oct. 17. We were hoping for some good ole fall weather,
but not here, we had 80 degrees with a bright sunshine!
We still enjoyed our day!

Duke and Molly enjoy the petting zoo.

(she would pet ANYTHING! she is not scared either!)

The cotton field is fun!

The horse back rides are a fave each year!

(Coolio w/ no hands)

Our family (Me, Molly, Duke, Chad)

(This is the face I get from Duke now every.time. I try to take a pic of him!)

Nana and Pops with Duke and Molly.

Our wagon to take us out to the pumpkin patch.
The horses' names were Dolly and Molly! lol

To put it into Duke's words... there were millions of pumpkins. :)
Soooo many! All shapes, sizes, and several colors.

Molly found her one that we think may have been a lost onion! It looked just like one.
She always looks for the baby ones.

(even so.... she's still not finished)

(still looking!)

Duke found the biggest one he could carry this year.

That's the rule for him.... he has to be able to carry it back to the wagon.
Chad is normally carrying mine and the one I picked out for him to have. :)

Nana and Pops have gone with us each year.
Pops is always a big help in the carrying of the pumpkins as well!

Once we got back on the carriage.... I saw so many other pretty pumpkins that I wished I has seen in the patch! I'm always looking for that PERFECT one for whatever it is I have planned for it at that particular time. ha!

We had to visit the corn maze on our way out.
NOT my fave!

We had 6 pumpkins! (we got nana and pops' pumpkins too!)
Now we just have to figure out what we will do with each of them!

I definitely recommend the Old Baker Farm for your pumpkin patch visit!
We love it again and again each year!
I love too that we have gone to the same one every year.... when we're there...
we have such good memories of years before!

happy fall y'all!



Nancy said...

Isn't it neat!? That's not too far from us! In one of my magazine's I saw where you take all of the insides out & you can put dirt down in there & plant a mum! It looked really cute!

Jessica said...

Great pics Crystal!

We went there last year and really enjoyed it...well everything except the maze...we thought we would never get out of there ha!