Friday, October 15, 2010

mOlLy b, mOlLy b!

It seems like just a short time ago, our miss molly joined our family!
So sweet, so perfect!
She made us a complete family of 4!
On September 14 miss molly b turned 5!
Happy birthday molly b, molly b! We love you so much sweet girl!

I planned for several months before the party and bought way TOO much stuff! But what the heck.... that's what birthdays are for! I decided on a sweet shoppe theme.... so we called it Molly's Sweet Shoppe! It was FABULOUS!
The invites went out.... and the decor went up.... and everything worked out just perfect!
This is molly's invitation.

My mother-in-law and I stayed up late Friday night to get the sweet treats
made for molly and her friends to enjoy!

OMG!!!! These cake pops were super delicious! I used a strawberry cake inside (pink of course!) and dipped them in melted white choc.! HEAVEN!

We also made these....

and these....

AND NO Sweet Shoppe would be complete without a Cotton Candy Machine!!!

Here is a pic of molly and I in front of the sweet's table.

This was the place setting for each child! How precious! Torie helped A LOT w/ getting everything done on Sat. morn.! Thanks torie!

And the centerpieces PERFECT and were done by Torie! thanks again!

As you can see.... EVERYTHING was fabulous!
I thought it was just beautiful and molly really enjoyed it... which of course is what matters most!
Here are a few more pics of some of the other decorations we had!
This hung on the front door of the clubhouse.

More of some of the sweets on the table.

Molly in her birthday shirt that I made b/c I couldn't find one that I liked to match her sweet shoppe theme. It turned out precious!

Close up of the birthday shirt.

Duke and Jack Rush enjoyed the treats too!

Jack Rush wasn't wastin' any of his cake pop!

Once the party was over.... we took some pics w/ the balloons.

And then we sent the balloons up to Aunt Brandi! We miss her so!

There are a ton more pics b/c torie decided to take 600!!!!!
For real... she took 600 pics at the party! Although... I can't figure out why they are so small on my post.
Thanks again torie for all of your help in making molly's day special!

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Dear Molly..... Happy Birthday to you!


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