Thursday, December 9, 2010

College Football!

I have never been a very big football fan...
I preferred shopping on football saturdays!
But, this year.. I have tried to get more into it and learn more about it.
I think having a little boy and knowing that he will probably soon want to play
football makes me want to know it and understand better!
Anyway.. Chad is a diehard Bama fan and although I have never really
been that into football, my family is Auburn fans.
I have always cared more about what was going on with Auburn than
I have Bama even though I didn't follow either of them.
Chad and I are both graduates of JSU and even so...
I don't think I've been to more than one or two games!

They had a playoff game last Saturday and we took
the kids to watch. It was a first for both of them.

We enjoyed the game and had a good time just spending a saturday together!

Molly was excited to get to walk to the tunnel and see the players and Cocky!

Surprisingly, Duke wasn't REAL interested.
He tried b/c he knew Chad enjoys it so much,
but for now.. it's just not really his thing!
Molly and I enjoyed the halftime show with the band and the ballerina's!

(She pretty much stayed in my lap unless she was sitting on the stairs
in the isle completely in the way!)

Chad and I agreed... we would like to go to another game.
But, no matter the team... the kids may need to stay home
for another couple of years or at least until they will actually
sit in THEIR seats and watch the game! ha!


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Nancy said...

Molly's coat is precious. I think I'm with you, I would rather shop :)