Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas with friends and SANTA!

This year Torie and I wanted to do a special party for Duke, Molly, and Jack Rush for Christmas. We decided that we would have a few friends over for milk and cookies!
The centerpiece turned out beautiful!

We had everyone bring in cookies and we did the rest!

Snowflake cookies....

Marshmallow snowmen...(LOVE!!!)

Simple but cute as pie cupcakes!....

Love, love, love the itty bitty jars we found for milk....

and no Christmas party is complete without plaid pj's and a sweet face!

Before we could have some of our delicious snacks, Torie read
The Night Before Christmas!

Everyone was pretty into the book until......

the guest of honor showed up!!! Oh me... the kids were so surprised and so were us moms! SANTA came! And.. he brought jingle bells for everyone!

Duke, Molly, and Jack Rush getting their jingle bells.

Duke and Molly just followed him around talking and asking questions.... they were so interested in him this year! They asked him about his elf Flash that visits our house and makes messes every December, they asked about his reindeer, and of course.. Molly felt of his chest and wanted to know what was in there!!! I hope she didn't pinch him too hard! Ha!
Baby Jack Rush getting his jingle bell.

Savannah getting her jingle bell.

Claire gets a visit with Santy!

Chattin with Santa! ha! They so loved him this year!

Molly and Duke with Santa. She would have left with him if he would have taken her!

EVERYONE with Santa!

Molly is so comfy! She's kicked back while Duke chats with Santa!

Once Santa left.. Molly cried. She said she missed him.
Everyone had a great time!

Merry Christmas!


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Jessica said...

What a great party!
You do such a fantastic job!! Such a great mom!!