Thursday, January 13, 2011

oh me... he's 7!

For some reason Duke's turning seven feels like he is officially not a baby anymore!
I realize that he hasn't been a baby for a while, but now it just feels different.
I have no idea why. He is for sure, a BIG BOY now!
Of course Torie and I had big plans for yet another party! As you can tell... we LOVE throwing parties for the kids! ha!
I guess that's good for the kids!
This year, Duke requested a Cowboy Party. I was a bit surprised... but cowboys ALWAYS make a perfectly cute party! And.. I would much rather do a cowboy theme than some cartoon character... but, I did leave it up to him.
I had BIG plans for an out door party complete with a hayride, hay bails, a shoot out, horse racing, etc... But, wouldn't you know, we had an 80% chance of rain and thunderstorms so I had to make a change in the plans.
Even so, everything turned out perfect (other than not being outside) and Duke had quite possibly, the cutest party yet!
Here's a pic of his perfect invitation done by Aunt Torie!

I have just about decided that maybe I don't need a dining room table since this room has come in so handy for parties! ha!
Here is the set up for the food table. It is complete with tin plates! (it's nice to have friends in high places!!! ha!)

This is a corner of the room that we used Duke's cowboy christmas tree in. We used some wood and made it look like there was a little campfire going near the tree!
(Who just so happens to have some random Levi's cowboy pic in the garage? Torie and Joey of course! along w/ several of the other decor.)

Root beer and Loot bags for all!

The rootin tootin cowboy himself! Alongside his homemade birthday banner.
It said "Happy Trails" "Duke 7". It was PERFECT! and last minute!

This is a better pic of the entire banner! I just loved it!

Torie gave Duke this pic frame and we thought it would be perfect on the table with his invitation in it! We didn't name him Duke after John Wayne, but luckily he loves cowboy movies and anything with "The Duke" on it is PERFECT!