Monday, April 25, 2011

Turner Field and Pine Mt. Ga.....

Last weekend we decided we would head out for a night and do some fun things with the kids.
Our first stop Saturday night was turner field to watch the braves. We ended up getting there late, the 4th inning I think, so we bought the cheapest seats they had. Once inside we stopped at the restroom and while Chad and Duke waited on Molly and I, Chad was telling Duke to look out at the field and see how close we were.
An usher heard Chad and since it wasn't a crowded game, he told Chad that we could sit in his section. So we ended up in the first row of the out field!
It was really neat to be so close!

After the game, the Braves did a fireworks show and of course we stayed for that!

Once the fireworks were over, we headed to our hotel in Atlanta to rest up for Sunday!
Sunday morning we went to Pine Mountain Ga for some safari fun!

We (Chad and I included) L.O.V.E.D. it!!

We rented a zebra striped van and bought a few bags of food for the animals
and were on our way!

This is what we encountered as we entered the gate!!!

It took us about an hour to drive through the gated area and saw ALL KINDS of animals!

It was hilarious b/c I would be turned away from my window taking a pic of Chad or the kids and then I would feel something breathing on the back of my neck! When I turned around it would be a buffalo, or a zebra, or a deer, or some other monsterous animal!

They are completely harmless (as long as your in your van!) and just want to be fed! I highly recommend a visit to Pine Mt. Ga Wild Animal Safari!



Nancy said...

That is so neat!! I want to take the kids to do that! What a fun Easter memory.
Hope your week is a good one!

Jessica said...

Oh my word!!! How much fun Crystal! I love it!!!