Wednesday, March 30, 2011

movin' on up.....

I never thought I would say this, but..... I LOVE baseball!
Only because Duke is playing, but still, I really enjoy his games and watching him on the field.
He is doing really well, which is surprising this year b/c he moved up a level.
Last year was our last year of tee ball and this year we moved up to the pitching machine!

I thought it might be forever before some of the boys got to where they could hit the ball from the machine, but I was wrong!
Duke has had a good many practices and only 2 real games and he is one of the best hitters on his team! yay duke!
He also has a new position this year.
He is playing catcher, which was the position Chad played growing up.
I like this position for him b/c it keeps him focused and in the game.

On this level, he has to be ready!
But mostly I love baseball b/c Duke seems to love baseball. I love watching him smile with excitement when he gets a good hit, or when he makes it to base w/o getting out, or when he slides home earning a point for his team, or when he makes a good throw or play in the field! Not to mention that it's a great time for Chad and him to bond. This makes the 3rd year that Chad has been an assistant coach and I love having them on the field together.

I really hope this is a sport that he sticks with! But, if it isn't... well, I'll just have to deal! ha!
Molly is always along for the ride. Although she doesn't do much cheering just yet. It's more running and playing with the other sisters right now!

Good luck Duke and Cheaha Home and Lawn!



Jessica said...

Great pictures!
I love baseball too! isn't it fun ;)

Nancy said...

It's so much fun to cheer our own kids on & their team!
Glad you are enjoying them ~ one day they will go to college :( Sniff, Sniff!