Wednesday, March 30, 2011

gRoWiNg like a WeEd!

We have had Stella for about a month and a half.
She is now about 12 weeks old and she is growing like a weed!
She went to the vet last week and weighed 19 lbs.
She probably weighed about 5 or 6 lbs when we got her at 6 weeks.
Molly is just about to the point that she can't pick her up anymore!
(I'm actually glad of that! ha)

The other night, they called her into the bathroom while they were in the tub
(which btw... they don't do anymore, but they did that night for some reason)
and when I came into the bathroom, this is what I saw!

So of course.... I had to run downstairs and grab the phone to take a pic!!
And this is what I got!

I absolutely LOVE this pic!

Duke and Molly absolutely love Stella!
Chad and I love her too, but honestly, we are so ready for the puppy stage to be over!
We can't seem to break her from biting. It's the puppy nipping, but boy it hurts!
Oh... and definitely the potty training!
I'm thankful for the stained concrete floors! ha!
Maybe it won't be too much longer.
We have decided she definitely needs obedience school in her near future!
She is SO stubborn!
Hopefully these few things will get better soon enough!


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