Monday, December 21, 2009

bitter sweet....

the day finally came that duke had to start kindergarten. i can't believe that he is already 5 and ready for school. he has been in preschool, but for some reason, it just isn't the same. he actually started big school, where he has to be there. there's no keeping him home just because. the good part is that i teach and so he would now be going with me. the thing is, we don't live in the area that i teach in so eventually i will move him, but for now, he will be going with me. he is very excited, mostly because he will be going with me.
and the fact that i also teach k makes it even easier for me to send him. my room is right around the corner from his teacher, Mrs. Shomber. molly however, will stay at word alive (where she loves it). duke got up the first day really excited and ready to go. he felt like such a big boy now that he was going to big school. chad was home that morning to help me get him ready and to walk him to the car. he put on his backpack and headed out the door. i walked him to his room and told him that i loved and to have a great day. he walked right in like he had done it before. didn't seem scared or nervous at all. i love that he has that kind of confidence and independence. now, in public school, knowing that everyone doesn't parent the way we do and vice versa, i have to just hope that to this point, we have taught duke to be grounded and to use good judgement, and to have good morals as he moves throughout the day w/o us right there with him to teach him to make good decisions. i am excited for this part of his growing up, but it is also very scary. my little boy will be a little man before i know it! duke..... i love you to the moon and back as much as there is grass! do well and always be kind to others.

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