Monday, December 21, 2009

michael jackson, a cowboy, a wolf ninja, and wonderwoman.....

with halloween fast approaching, i took the kids to pick out costumes. duke picked out some sort of wolf ninja (never heard of it) and molly picked out wonderwoman (super cute). they were sooooo excited about getting to dress up and trick or treat. the thing is, the morning of halloween, duke decided that everyone should dress up for trick or treating. imagine trying to find a costume on the morning of halloween. yeah, slim pickings. mother and i drove all over town trying to find us something without much luck, while papa, duke and molly searched for papa and chad's costume. after several hours of shopping, papa, duke, and molly turned up with a michael jackson costume for daddy and a disco style suit for papa. in the meantime, mother and i are searching frantically since we encouraged the men to dress up, we figured we would definately have to dress up. we didn't have much luck. mother ended up with some sort of scary mask and i borrowed a cowboy hat and a gun from duke and dressed as a cowboy. look as this mess! duke and molly loved it though and as always, that's all that mattered.

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