Monday, December 7, 2009

i've been inspired, my babies are now 4 and almost 6 and as i think about the last 6 years, as i have a lot lately, i am regreting a lot. i have done lots of things with them that i am proud of and i have done lots of things that i am not so proud of. i loose my temper with them easily, i don't always MAKE time as i should, i sometimes forget to sit back and just enjoy the moment rather than being so into the chaos...... usually i'm the chaotic one, i yell more than i'd like (something i'm working on right now) i am not consistent with anything (daily schedules drive me crazy, but i know they need consistency and schedules), i sometimes can't see the bright side of situations for focusing on the black clouds (chad helps me out there), and i'm just now realizing how much you miss if you don't sit back and ENJOY the moments that life brings you as a mother. don't get me wrong, i also think i'm a pretty good mother, but i have just recently realized that i could be a much better mother. i don't always realize those "little moments" with my babies as i should. i have started working on taking time to do things without getting upset b/c they aren't doing them the way i want them done, or just allowing them to do things for themselves (the hard way) without getting all worked up. i just don't want their childhood to pass me by without being able to say that i enjoyed every minute of it. so...... i've been inspired by other mothers (who don't even know they've inspired me) to sit back, relax, make time, enjoy the messes they make while having fun, involve them in things i am interested in, and to preserve it all for them once they are grown. i wish i had that! part of that preservation process is this blog...... which i fully intend on being dedicated to......... for them! motherhood is an awesome job and i want my children to know how much i love them. challenge yourself to be inspired by something every now and then. i love being excited about something so simple.

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