Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Christmas Day with Nana and Pops

Well, we've been to Mimi and Pawpaw's, Nina and Papa's, had everyone at our house, and now it was time to spend Christmas afternoon with Nana and Pop's. We go there each year and have lunch with the, very large, Barnett Family. Just like all of the other's, we enjoy getting to be with the family.
After lunch at G.G.'s, Nana, Pop's, Duke, Molly, Chad and I headed down the hill to their house to exchange gifts with them. As always, Duke and Molly just couldn't wait to get to ripping open those gifts. So, no sooner than we walked in the door, Nana and Pop's started handing out gifts and Duke and Molly started opening.

Once the kids finished inside, Nana and Pop's took us outside for a surprise. As we waited in the front yard, Pop's flew around the house on a four wheeler!

The kids were so excited.... at first though, I don't think they realized that it was for them. They asked Pop's if they could ride and wanted to know if they could keep it.

Molly and Pop's take a turn on the four wheeler.

Duke was on his own in a matter of minutes!

The four wheeler was a great surprise for the kids and it turned out, that wasn't all. Nana and Pop's surprised us all with another adult size four wheeler for all of the adults to ride with the kids. SO MUCH FUN! We rode until we were numb. :) Happy times.

After our riding, we went inside and Chad and I exchanged gifts with Nana and Pops. We were really proud of the gifts that we had for them. I made Nana a book of our christmas pictures, taken by kelly wright photography (awesome!), because the pictures turned out sooooo good, none of us could decide which ones we would order. And for Pops, I put together some of the stories that he makes up and tells all of the children. I had all of the grandchildren illustrate the stories. I thought it turned out really well. I think Nana and Pops really liked them as well!

This visit wrapped up our Christmas! It was wonderful.... I love the Christmas holidays. We love our families and enjoy these times with them. Thanks to both of our families for making this Christmas another great one! The only problem when we get together like this is there is one special person missing......

We LOVE you Brandi and we miss you very much!

Merry Christmas.

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