Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's Valen"time's"!

We've had enough candy today to last a month. I try to make exceptions during holidays.
Duke would make himself sick off of it. Molly doesn't like most of it.:)
She brought me her marshmallow sucker and told me she didn't like it. She had taken one bite and threw it away. Honestly.... I just thought they were really cute. I didn't figure they would taste too great. That's a whole lot of marshmallow. Duke ate most of his and then came and said "momma, I'm sorry, but I don't really want anymore of this. I think it will make me sick if I take another bite." He was worried that my feelings would be hurt if he didn't eat it.
I hope he ate that much because he wanted it and not just because he thought
it would hurt my feelings. He can be such a thoughtful little thing.
Happy LOVE Day!

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Jessica said...

I got the kids the marshmellow suckers too...I think they may have taken 3 bites off theirs and threw them away...I am like you, I just thought they were cute =)

Happy Valentines Day to you guys!