Saturday, February 13, 2010

Circus Fun (and vomit).... a couple of weeks late!

Nina and Papa took us to the circus! We had not been in a really long time and Molly had never been. She was mostly excited about the animals of course.
We didn't get in the door good before we had to buy the expensive toys that will be thrown in the floor once we get home and probably never picked up again.
But, we had to have them!

We took the kids down to the floor before the show. They LOVED it!

The guys on the stilts were amazing!

We had to get pics on the dirt bikes.....

and wear clown noses....

Once it started, the kids were really into it.

Molly cheesin.

I wasn't able to get a good pic of Duke because about halfway through the show, I looked up to see Chad and Duke going up the stairs to the bathroom. Turns out, Duke had thrown up in his own lap! I am assuming that it was the large amounts of chicken, french fries, milkshake, chips, popcorn, sprite, etc.... that didn't mix well because he didn't feel bad and didn't have a fever. He wanted to stay and finish the show. So, we did. I hope the people around us understood.
The funny thing though was Chad was the one that took Duke to clean him up. Duke had on two shirts and his khaki's when he went into the bathroom and when he came out of the bathroom, this is what he looked like.

Of course, I had a fit!...... Several reasons.
1. My child is at the BJCC with NO pants on. Chad threw his khaki's away!
2. It is about 30 degrees outside and we have to get to the car with NO pants. (and some woman says as we fly past her RUNNING to the car, "where's his pants?!" to the person walking with her. Of course I have to let her know he threw up.... although it was none of her business, like I am going to bring my kid to the BJCC with no pants and an adult coat! But anyhow... I said "he threw up!" as we ran past.
3. His good khaki's got thrown away (I could have put them in a garbage bag)!
4. His long sleeve shirt got thrown away as well!

I couldn't believe it, but it was all in the trash in the men's restroom and Chad was saying, "Crystal, we can buy new pants and besides, he had throw up all over him. There was no way to get him cleaned up in the bathroom of the BJCC."
Well, I don't know exactly how I would have handled this situation had I been the one cleaning him, but I feel sure it would have been a little different.
It's like I always tell the kids..... "Daddy's don't do things the way Momma's do."

That was proven at the circus! However, I must say, I appreciate the fact that Chad was so calm about the situation and got everything taken care of so quickly because I'm sure he was much calmer than I would have been. As usual. I freak out, he stays calm.

He's a good daddy!


Laurie said...

I laughed out loud at this post! Poor Duke... and that poor (yet good) outfit in the trash! It's so true... Daddies just don't do things like mommas do.

Tiffany said...

Hahahahahaha! This post was hilarious! I too, laughed out loud! Men just aren't wired like us. We have to love them for trying though!

Jessica said...

Oh Crystal...I too seriously laughed out loud at this post! Mostly because I can so identify. Daddies just are not wired like Mommies. =)

Jodi Mitchell said...

This is hilarious, but I do feel sorry for Duke!At least he got to finish watching the show!

aljones said...

This is too funny!!! Steve is reading this over my shoulder and he was in the bathroom when this happened! He was like I saw that kid!!!I wish he would have know who ya'll were and we could have helped!!