Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Day at Stone Mt.

For Duke's birthday, Nana and Pop's took the four of us to Stone Mt. for the snow. We had never been before, but it was super fun! The kids really enjoyed it.

They got to build snowmen and throw snow balls. Nana and Pops entertained them with the snowmen and snowball fights while I took pics of course. I wonder if the kids will ask about me later b/c I am never in the pics!

Molly and her snowman!

Nana and Molly

I think Duke preferred the snowballs over everything.

You just can't be in the snow without making snow angels. The snow isn't really soft though so we didn't really make the imprint of the snow angels.

Duke even got to go tubing. I couldn't get a pic of that though b/c we couldn't get close enough. Molly wasn't quite big enough yet. This is a pic that I took of the tubing track.

Molly got to tube in an area for the smaller babies. She loved it! Bite her!

Sweet girl!

Of course, once Duke was finished tubing, he had to join Molly. He was probably a little big for this area, but he had fun too.

Sweet face.

At one point, the park started shooting the snow into the area where we were playing in the snow. There were huge chunks of icey snow shooting out, they actually stung when they hit you. Pops walked Molly in backwards so she could enjoy the fun.

Me, Chad, Duke and Molly in front of Stone Mountain. (notice Molly looks like the little boy off A Christmas Story who can't move b/c of all of the thick clothing.)

Nana and Pops with Duke and Molly in front of Stone Mountain. It is really amazing!

Thanks Nana and Pops! We had a great time. We will have to do this again!
I think it's time to go home.....

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Jessica said...

Cute pictures Crystal!!
Stone Mtn looks like a lot of fun...we may have to check that.

And I so know what you mean about not ever being in the pictures...I am also always the picture taker