Saturday, February 13, 2010


Once the snow got her yesterday, we could hardly wait to get out in it! I know Duke must have asked me 40 times when we were going out.
Chad was working but Torie was here to do cakes, so we stopped long enough to take the kids out to play before Pops got her to take them home with him.

Here are pics of our Snow Day!

Of course Duke goes straight for the snowballs.
We all took a hit. Notice how unsuspecting Molly is.

Snow angels.

Duke getting ready to throw yet another snow ball. He thinks it is SO funny!

The kids and I in our backyard.

Me, Duke, and Molly working on our baby snowman on top of their pic nic table.

One snowball for the snowman, one snowball for Molly.


Our baby snowman!

Mom called and told me how to make snow ice cream. mmmmmmm!

I don't ever remember having snow ice cream. The kids helped me.

Snow days are fun days!

And it looks like we may be getting more Sunday night!

Bring. It. On!


Tiffany said...

I just had snow ice cream for the first time too! YUMMY!!!

Jessica said...

Love the little snowman =)

And I have not ever had snow cream before...I need to make that (if we get snow again)

Jodi Mitchell said...

These pictures are precious! Snow ice cream is so good!!