Sunday, February 28, 2010



This has been one stressful week. To start it off, last Sunday, we were at Nana and Pops' house and Duke and Molly were in the yard hitting golf balls. All of the sudden, I looked up about the time that Duke accidentally whacked Molly in the head with the club! OMG! Let me just say that I am the mother that freaks out and runs in circles not knowing what to do in a situation like this, so thankfully Chad was with me. We ran to Duke and Molly. She is crying and holding her head and when he grabs her and turns around, all I can see is BLOOD. And lots of it! We took her in and cleaned her up and realized that it wasn't nearly as bad as we thought and in fact it stopped bleeding so quickly that we decided we didn't think she needed stitches. The cut ended up being very small, but with the hit she took (we heard it hit) I was still worried that there could be some side effects later. I kept Molly in the bed with us that night so that we could check on her through the night and I stayed home from work with her on Monday to make sure that everything was fine and there were no side effects.

Thankfully, Molly recovered just fine and never seemed to be bothered by the whack.
I, however, stayed worried about it for a few days.

This is Molly a week after her hit in the head.
You can see the little cut at the top of her forehead.

Then.... Thursday, as Duke and I were leaving school, I stopped to talk to someone and Duke went ahead of me. A few minutes later, I heard him crying. I went toward the cry and found him walking to me holding his head! I moved his hands and saw that he had a place on his head above his eye. There was a small scratch but as I looked, a knot started growing. Remember, I'm the mom that runs circles freaking out, so luckily, the school nurse was still at school. I walked Duke down to her and as we walked, the knot got bigger and bigger. By the time we got to the office, it was HUGE! I have never seen a knot SO big. It wasn't just me either, everyone was big eyed looking at this! I layed him down in the back of my car and drove to meet Chad. I called and of course, he thought I was exaggerating. Never fear though, once we met him and he saw the knot, he saw for himself that I wasn't.

The pic does not do this monster knot justice!

Needless to say, I was home from work again on Friday with Duke. All day Friday, he seemed completely fine. He was completely himself and very active all day and the swelling had gone down tremendously. By Friday night, I was feeling fine about it and thought everything was fine. On into the evening though, we noticed that the swelling was coming back. The knot was back and just as large as ever! I, again, start freaking! As I waited on a nurse from Children's Hospital to call me back, I had heart palpatations and felt like I couldn't get a good breath. I really felt like I was going to have a panic attack or anxiety attack as I waited to talk with someone. The nurse called 1 hour later and explained that if the knot was not 2" or more wide, then I just need to watch Duke and make sure he didn't have any abnormal behaviors (definately didn't. we had to MAKE him sit and ice the knot.). His knot was between 1 1/2" to 2" wide, so I felt a little better. Again, Duke and I were on the couch so that I could check on him through the night. I still worried, as I did with Molly, "What if something is wrong and I just don't know it?" Chad assured me that if there were, we would see some sort of signs. Thankfully, there were none with Molly or Duke. I just know that this was way more stress than I seem to be able to handle. I hope this means that our head injuries are over with!

I am so thankful that everything turned out ok with my babies.


Jodi Mitchell said...

You did have a stressful week! I am glad that both Molly and Duke are better! :)

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap...that knot was huge. We SOOO would've been in the ER. I'm a freak out panic attack kind of Mama too...and Jamie's even worse than me. I'm really glad they're ok...and also happy that you didn't have a heart attack!

Tiffany said...

Good Lawd!!! Should I call DHR? haha

Jessica said...

Bless those sweet babies and bless your heart!
Whew...what a week you had!
Glad everyone is ok and hopefully no more head injuries =)

Nancy said...

I'm so glad I found your blog via Jessica's!! Your babies are precious, head injuries & all!!
Are we too far apart in distance for you to do my little one's cakes?!!Your work is AMAZING!

Bama Belle said...

Hey girl, I found your blog from Jessica's. Poor Duke - that is the biggest knot I have EVER seen. I can't believe he didn't have a concussion! :)