Tuesday, February 2, 2010

christmas eve with nina, papa, and santa!

Each Christmas Eve we go to Nina and Papa's (my mom and stepdad) and spend the evening with them for Christmas with the kids. It is always great fun and we enjoy getting to spend that time with that side of the family.
As usual, Duke and Molly have present overload(of course, they don't mind)!

Molly gets a sweet kitty cat. She loves any type of animal!

Duke opens one of many gifts. As you can see, this is one of his favorite things.

Duke and Nina look at the book we made her on shutterfly. I LOVE those books!

Papa shows his picture frame that has Duke and Molly's voices recorded on it.

Once we finished opening our gifts, you won't believe who showed up...... SANTA! We heard something outside the window and when we looked out, we got a glimpse of the white bearded man.
Of course as he came through the door, he called Duke and Molly by name. They stood with their mouths open. I love the visits from Santa!

Molly just had to ask Santa about his reindeer..... "Where are they?" "Are they on the roof?" and "Why can't we see them?"

Duke shows Santa the scissors that went with Molly's veteranarian dress up.

Santa reminds Duke and Molly to get to bed early so he could come and reminded them also that he knows they have been fussing at each other a whole bunch and that they shouldn't be ugly to each other. Thanks Santa..... momma's been preaching this!

Pawpaw Jerry joined us at Nina and Papa's. It was great to spend some more time with him.

Aunt Joy always helps get everything opened. They package these things like they are made of gold! Thank you aunt Joy! That is the part I hate!

Thanks Nina and Papa for another wonderful Christmas! We love you!

Once we left Nina and Papa's, we headed home so that we could get into bed and get to sleep so that santa would visit!

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Jessica said...

Looks like a super fun Christmas!